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  • Exclusive Group
    Financial plan
  • Exclusive Group
    Review of the annual plan
  • Exclusive Group
    Operational plan
  • Exclusive Group
    Yearly success
    • Exclusive is founded as a company for distribution of cosmetic products from KRKA.
    • Exclusive awards the right for distribution of products Schwarzkopf Professional.
    • Exclusive Group signed a contract with Slovenian company KRKA, distribution of cosmetic products.
    • Exclusive Group becomes distributor of cosmetic products in the country, alongside the German company, Henkel.
    • Exclusive Group opens sales industry of retail products, it was “Maxi Hypermarket”, the first of its kind to Kosovo.
    • Exclusive Cosmetics department created.
    • Exclusive Group becomes the distributor of pharmaceutical company KRKA, which also establishes the Exclusive pharmacy department.
    • Exclusive Group has contracted the company Luminarc, for manufacturing glass products.
    • Exclusive Group opens the second Maxi Market business, creating the chain of retail industry.
    • Exclusive Group contracts with pharmaceutical company Pliva.
    • Exclusive Maxi Group opened 3 Markets, two of them were opened on the same day.
    • Exclusive Group has contracted the German company Henkel, in the Republic of Albania as well.
    • Exclusive Group contracts Unilever Company in two countries: Kosovo and Albania.
    • Exclusive Group contracts the glass products company Pasabahçe.
    • Exclusive Group opened four new retail business units, Maxi Market.
    • Exclusive Group contracts the two companies for the production of drugs, Lek and Sandoz.
    • Exclusive Group sells the pharmaceutical business to Phoenix pharmaceutical company.
    • Exclusive Group buys tobacco manufacturing industry in Gjilan.
    • Exclusive Group opened four new retail business units, Maxi Market.

Exclusive Group

Exclusive Group is founded as a distribution company in 1989 in Pristina. Exclusive Group awards partnership contacts with well-known companies such as Henkel, Unilever, KRKA, Prestige, Ficosota, and many others.Currently, Exclusive Group is part of leading companies in distributor and sales in our country.Today our business operates in two Albanian markets, one in Republic of Kosovo, and other in Republic of Albania.Exclusive Albania operates in Republic of Albania since 2009 as a exclusive distributor of a world famous brands such as Henkel & Schwarzkopf.

Our values
Development of client’s business
We don’t sell products to our clients, we work with them in order to provide best solutions for our customers.
In cooperation with them, we build our customers businesses.
Perfection in execution
We glow in planning and execution.
We continuosly improve systems, processes and our work results.

Our vision
To be the best distribute in Albania, and a preferable business partner for our clients.

Gazmend Abrashi

Xhoan Kuka
Executive Director Albania

Lirim Shulina
Financial Director